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This page is basically here to serve one purpose and one purpose only ...  To answer the most popular question that we at Idein Design, Inc. get ...  But, as long as you're here, you may as well know a little bit about us ...

Don't worry, we'll keep it short ...
Idein Design, Inc. was conceived and formed in late 1999 .  The primary function of Idein Design, Inc. is that of an Ad Agency.  An Ad Agency with a twist!  Unlike most others, Idein Design, Inc. can assist companies interested in both print and World Wide Web advertising.  Until the introduction of Idein Design, Inc. companies had to utilize two separate service bureaus, maybe even more, to accommodate all aspects of their advertising needs.  With over 20 years of combined experience in these fields, Idein Design, Inc. serves as a concept development and consultation bureau, as well as a web design and development service.  Additionally, Idein Design, Inc. provides companies with the creation of logos, corporate identities, development of business solutions, marketing and ad strategies, and Intranet and website advertising strategies.

As we said, we'll keep it short, so lets just say that we're here to offer a solution in any advertising media that you may need!
Now that you know more about Idein Design, Inc. ... lets get back to that question that's been bugging you ...

" What exactly does IDEIN mean anyway? "

Well, the word idein or (`i-dE-&n) is from Ancient Greek, and means:

(1.) a witty or creative idea,
(2.) to know or to see, in a creative manner

I hope we have now eliminated any confusion or uncertainty as far as our name, and I hope this page was informative on not only what the name "IDEIN" means but what the company behind the name means as well.

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